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Best Small Cities to Move To For Employment

Small Cities - Which Offer the Best Bet To Find a Job


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Move To Where the Jobs Are

2011 represented a fairly decent year in terms of job growth in metropolitan areas across the U.S. Well it was, at least in comparison with the preceding years, where as few as 13 of the 397 metro areas saw any kind of job growth at all. So if you are a young urban professional on the brink of launching a new career, or someone looking to find a decent place to live where jobs are in abundance, you've come to the right place at the right time. The research experts at Forbes have painstakingly put together the figures and come up with the best small cities in the U.S. to move to for jobs. And here are the top five...

Number 5 - Dubuque, Iowa

With a 2010 population of just under 60,000, Dubuque is a small Iowa city with just the right ingredients for someone looking to land a job and live in a place that is affordable. One of the attractions is that this little city is actually a tourist destination as well. And the Dubuque Farmer's Market lays claim to being the oldest in Iowa.

Number 4 - Midland, Texas

The discovery of oil in the 1920s put Midland, Texas on the map. And if the oil industry is not your thing, education and health are also among the top employers in the city.

Number 3 - College Station-Bryan, Texas

College Station and Bryan together make up a population of 190,000. This metropolitan area boasts just about the lowest unemployment rate in the country at under 2 percent.

Number 2 - Bismarck, North Dakota

If you're not overly afraid of cold winters, then Bismarck may just be the place for you. This capital city of just over 61,000 people comes in again at a strong second not just on the list of best small cities for jobs, but of all cities in the country period.

Number 1 - Killeen-Temple-Fort Hood, Texas

Yup, it's another city in Texas - Killeen-Temple-Fort Hood is top not just in the small city category, but the top city overall for jobs. In fact, the State of Texas just about cleaned up in all three size categories. The Number 1 mid-sized city, El Paso, which was also Number 3 overall, climbed 22 spots from last year's list. And then Austin, the Number 1 large metropolitan area (climbed up from last year's overall 6 position), claimed the top spot in the big city category.

In addition, among the top 10 smallest regions, Texas claimed three of the spots. And in the mid-sized category, El Paso was Number 1, Corpus Christi Number 2 and McAllen-Edinburgh-Mission Number 4.

California, on the other hand, did not fair as well, and you would have to go outside the top 150 places to find a Californian city. It is perhaps a sign of the times that despite all the best greening efforts of the State, it is still environmentally-unfriendly fossil fuel technology that is generating all the jobs. And Texas rules on this front, at least for the present.

While your thoughts are on the best cities to move to for jobs, and best small cities in particular, why not compare this list with CNN Money's Best Small Places To Move To?

In addition, find out a little about yourself, and see what place suits you since we all have different criteria for judging the best place to live in. Take a look at How to Find the Best Place to Move To depending on your wants and needs.

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