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Ten Steps to Do Before Moving Furniture - About.com
Moving furniture requires a little extra care, simply because most furniture pieces are large and can't be packed in a box.
How to Move Awkward Furniture, TVs, Heavy Items
Every household has at least one thing that's hard to move. Maybe it's a sofa that won't squeeze through the door or a big screen television that is not only heavy ...
How to Plan and Arrange Furniture in a New Home - Moving - About ...
Moving into a new home means that you'll have to work with a new space. This article will help you plan furniture placement and arrangement to ensure that ...
How to Arrange Furniture Like an Expert Before You Move - Moving
A list of great (free) online tools to help you arrange furniture in your rooms before you unpack.
Calories Burned Moving Furniture - Household Items, Carrying Boxes
Calories burned with Moving Furniture. Household Items, Carrying Boxes 408 calories per hour. Assuming a body weight of: 150 lbs. This is equivalent to eating ...
Moving and Packing - Quick Tips and Tricks - About.com
Mature man, aged 31, carrying boxes out of a packed up room while moving ... When moving furniture, make sure you keep all parts together with the item itself.
Moving Homes and Furniture - About.com
Moving? Here are some suggestions for your existing furniture.
Moving Furniture - Mow to Move Heavy Furniture Video
Don't throw out your back or wreck your house by attempting to move something you're not quite sure how to move. Check out these tips on moving the heavy ...
How to Pack Armoires and Cabinets - Moving - About.com
A step-by-step guide to packing armoires and cabinets for moving. ... artwork or a mirror. For extra measure, wrap furniture padding or blankets around the unit.
Avoid Extra Shrink Wrapping Fees When Moving - About.com
Find out what items should be wrapped prior to moving. ... Items include, furniture that is upholstered, including sofas, easy chairs, dining room chairs, office ...
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